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Extending SaaS Platforms With Azure

There is a huge opportunity right now for business software developers to capitalize on the emerging "Software As A Service", or "Cloud" application leaders by building extensions and cooperating services. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provides a...

Custom Applications in Microsoft’s Clouds

Microsoft provides at least two solution platforms in the cloud that I’ll talk about here to address some recent questions I’ve gotten. The first is Windows Azure, which is Microsoft’s premier cloud application platform. The second is Dy...

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SharePoint for Public Web Sites

I often hear people ask if SharePoint can be used to build public web sites. I’m currently working on yet another public facing web site built on SharePoint, so the answer is a definitive yes. More interesting questions are when and why you would us...

Office Ribbon Search

Quick update: Ever have trouble finding obscure menu commands in the new Office 2007 Ribbon? My partner David  just showed me an excellent little add-on for the Office Ribbon that comes from the Microsoft Office Labs team. Office Ribbon Search: h...

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