Top Three Favorite Tech News Podcasts

(cc) Colleen AF Venable via FlickrI was at a Chicago Windows User Group meeting earlier this year and the ice breaker introduction question that was passed around the room was, "Where to you get your news?" As the introductions were made I took stock of my news sources and realized that the bulk of my tech news right now comes from podcasts. Since this discussion came up internally, I figured I’d write up the top podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

I typically listen to these in the car or while out running. My commute time, around forty minutes, is a solid enough chunk of time to get through most of these in a week of driving. I pick up the balance and a few others in the business/technology/fun categories while out working out. I use the Zune and Zune Marketplace for subscribing to most of these and pull random casts off onto a tiny, old Samsung MP3 device for outside the car. Once in a while I’ll strike out into audio book territory, but have been  on podcasts for most of my audio time in recent months.


My Top Three Favorite Tech News Podcasts

Buzz Out Loud

Currently my favorite podcast, this CNET production is issued daily, covers a full range of news quickly, and is hosted by a great cast. In particular, Tom Merritt comes across as brilliant and is my favorite tech news personality on the web. Natali Del Conte and Jason Howell do a great job as well and guest appearances by the former host Molly Wood are excellent too.


This Week In Tech

This is a weekly long format cast host by Leo Laporte with typically 2-3 guests from around the tech industry. It is skewed to web businesses and sometimes wanders but gives a good overview of general tech industry news. I’ve been a long time listener to this cast primarily for the high quality production value, good cast of guests, and Leo’s adeptness at moving the conversation along.


Cranky Geeks

This one is a 30 minute audio/video cast but I only ever listen to the audio only and it comes across just fine. It is hosted by John C. Dvorak, a long time tech industry columnist. This is the shortest of these casts but a good blast of tech news. John is a favorite personality of mine and a key reason I’ve stuck with TWiT as well since he is a frequent guest.


Other News and Non-News Podcasts Worth Mentioning

I listen to all of these on occasion as well but not as often.

  • Manager Tools, in my opinion, remains the top cast and collection of general management training for anyone with direct reports.
  • An audio update from the Harvard Business Review delivers a quick take on a single topic in each cast.
  • The Stanford University Podcasts are in depth discussions by interesting speakers talking about aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • The CNET UK Podcast is a well done UK take on weekly tech news.
  • Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott is hosted by Paul and Leo Laporte and covers "all things Microsoft", although it is often focused on Microsoft criticism more than anything else.
  • On Twitter I once described listening to The 404 as, "It was like driving a carpool for the school tech club. Juvenile, but smart, funny and relevant."
  • Stuff You Should Know is an excellent, fun look at random bits of not so common knowledge, covering a single topic per episode from the How Stuff Works web site.

Anyone else listen to podcasts on a regular basis? What else is out there that I should check out?

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