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Here’s a quick review of business related podcasts that I’ve been listening to recently. Spring road construction has done wonders for my podcast listening time!

(cc) Colleen AF Venable via FlickrSide tip: I now listen to almost all informational podcasts and audio books at 2x speed. I found that you quickly get used to the pace and get through more content. I’ve been doing this for months now and I already wish I had more speed control and could go faster.


Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

This weekly cast has the feel of a business school lecture series, each featuring a business expert or leader of industry talking on a single topic. The 15 minute length is easily consumed and I always feel like there are at least a couple ideas I can take away from each.

Wall Street Journal Podcasts

The WSJ has a huge collection of daily and weekly casts. There is plenty of good business content. I’ve been regularly listening to Wall Street Journal on Small Business and will often save up a few of these 5 to 10 minute casts and listen to them all at once.

Business Week Podcasts

Business Week also has a pretty good collection of casts with Behind This Week’s Cover Story being one I check out pretty often. This is a casual 15 minute walkthrough of the weeks cover story. Another highlight from Business Week is The Welch Way, which is series of short discussion on business and management topics from Jack and Suzy Welch.


For something slightly different, 37signals offers a weekly podcast that reviews their unique business perspective as a small, agile, highly successful web software company. They draw on material from their day to day operations best practices as well as information published in their recent book Rework, which I listened to recently from Audible and liked.

Any standouts that I’m missing? Enjoy!

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