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Differences between SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 offers significant improvements over SharePoint 2007.  We found three particularly useful links that describe the differences...   More »

SharePoint in Plain English

The Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog pointed out this video recently that takes a stab at explaining SharePoint to a business user in everyday terms. I’ve been challenged in trying to do the same thing with business contacts who haven’t encountered SharePoint before mostly due to the vastness of what SharePoint offers and encompasses today.   This video kicks off that discussion. Here are a couple other points I tend to bring up to describe SharePoint and some of the kinds o ...   More »

SharePoint for Public Web Sites

I often hear people ask if SharePoint can be used to build public web sites. I’m currently working on yet another public facing web site built on SharePoint, so the answer is a definitive yes. More interesting questions are when and why you would use SharePoint over some other, more traditional infrastructure. I started to compile a list of public web sites on SharePoint to illustrate the “is it possible” questions and found this section of one of my favorite SharePoint demo ...   More »