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Extending SaaS Platforms With Azure

There is a huge opportunity right now for business software developers to capitalize on the emerging "Software As A Service", or "Cloud" application leaders by building extensions and cooperating services. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provides an ideal platform for these types of complimentary solutions. For example,, Microsoft CRM Live and a slew of other CRM cloud services are only one class of cloud applications begging for add-on services. Each of these has stren ...   More »

RFI: PC and Mac Based Virtualization

This post is the third in a series on virtualization: Introduction, Platform (Servers and PCs), Desktop, Application, and Cloud A special case of platform virtualization is the ability to run a server or desktop operating system in a virtual environment on a PC or Mac. Running Windows on a Mac via Parallels is a key example and represents one of the common uses of this. The main categories of uses include   Alternate OS for Access to Apps: Since software is typically OS spe ...   More »

Custom Applications in Microsoft’s Clouds

Microsoft provides at least two solution platforms in the cloud that I’ll talk about here to address some recent questions I’ve gotten. The first is Windows Azure, which is Microsoft’s premier cloud application platform. The second is Dynamics CRM Online, which I see showing signs of developing into a special case cloud-based business application environment of its own. First a definition of "cloud" in this context: There are various ways to virtualize platform layers in h ...   More »

23 Rules of Thumb For Shipping Great Software on Time

At least once a year I personally revisit some brilliant software development best practices outlined by Jim McCarthy at Microsoft in the mid ’90s. Not long after it was released in its original format as an internal presentation, Jim published a version in the book Dynamics of Software Development and left Microsoft to establish a company focused on training software development teams. His guidance continues to live on at in a couple newer books, webcasts, and ...   More »