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Extending SaaS Platforms With Azure

There is a huge opportunity right now for business software developers to capitalize on the emerging "Software As A Service", or "Cloud" application leaders by building extensions and cooperating services. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provides an ideal platform for these types of complimentary solutions. For example,, Microsoft CRM Live and a slew of other CRM cloud services are only one class of cloud applications begging for add-on services. Each of these has stren ...   More »

Great Business Podcasts

Here’s a quick review of business related podcasts that I’ve been listening to recently. Spring road construction has done wonders for my podcast listening time! Side tip: I now listen to almost all informational podcasts and audio books at 2x speed. I found that you quickly get used to the pace and get through more content. I’ve been doing this for months now and I already wish I had more speed control and could go faster.   Harvard Business Review IdeaCast ht ...   More »

Top Three Favorite Tech News Podcasts

I was at a Chicago Windows User Group meeting earlier this year and the ice breaker introduction question that was passed around the room was, "Where to you get your news?" As the introductions were made I took stock of my news sources and realized that the bulk of my tech news right now comes from podcasts. Since this discussion came up internally, I figured I’d write up the top podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. I typically listen to these in the car or while out running. My ...   More »

Office Ribbon Search

Quick update: Ever have trouble finding obscure menu commands in the new Office 2007 Ribbon? My partner David  just showed me an excellent little add-on for the Office Ribbon that comes from the Microsoft Office Labs team. Office Ribbon Search: This adds an extra tab with a search box into the ribbon bar for Word, Excel, etc. Just type all or part of the command you were looking for and related commands dynamica ...   More »