Fundamental Change in Buyer Behavior and Lead Generation

If you are seeing a reduction in interest for your products and services, you are not alone. While there is a downturn in the economy, there are also structural changes at work that change how people buy that are fundamentally shifting where leads are originating.

Prior to the advent of the self-service nature of the Internet, buyers who needed to become informed about how to solve a particular problem went directly to the company’s sales organization to obtain the needed information. This gave sales the ability to become involved in early stages of the buying cycle and to establish a relationship with the consumer.

So now, instead of phones ringing, searches are being performed. Your competitors are educating potential clients with newsletters, blogs, and webinars. Forums, discussion groups, and social media provide buyers with the ability to learn how their peer’s have solved similar problems and opinions are freely shared regarding a seller’s performance.

This fundamental shift presents an opportunity for those who can embrace this new paradigm. Winning the hearts and minds of buyers while they are in the education mode will enable you to re-engage at the early stages of the buying cycle.

Today: How to Generate Sales Ready Leads

This fundamental shift in marketing demands a different approach than before.  We must create an environment that facilitates the natural shift toward self service.  Creating this environment is a process that is both proven and well defined.


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