Driving Sales Performance in the New Economy

Across industries, the bar for sales success is being raised.

Clients are more informed than ever before and expect your salespeople to be able to deep dive into detailed product explanations as well think broadly and provide strategic guidance. They're engaging sales later in the buying cycle, fielding solutions from more vendors, and are increasingly unwilling to pay for the value- added services that help cover high sales costs.

For your sales organization to succeed in this extremely competitive environment it needs to be efficient, effective, and well-led. The margin for error has shrunk dramatically and organizations that can't keep up will be left behind.

Driving Greater Sales Performance

Fortunately, the pace of innovation in the sales and marketing field has kept up with the increasingly competitive environment.

Tools and capabilities that were once reserved for corporations with large IT departments and deep pockets are now available to small and mid-sized businesses at very affordable price points. Smart companies are leveraging these tools to get a leg-up on their competition and drive greater revenue growth and profitability.

The following sections provide an overview of some of the areas we can help your sales organization compete more effectively, but as always, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your needs and develop an approach that best fits your current situation.

Increase Sales Productivity

Maximize the time your salespeople spend on core-selling activities that drive revenues.

Improve Sales Effectiveness Better leverage people, processes, technology, and information to improve the ability of your salespeople to identify and close business.
Provide Great Sales Leadership Improve decision making with greater insight into sales operations and performance.
Select the Right CRM Selecting the right CRM system is a major business decision with complex tradeoffs that need to be balanced. Know what capabilities are critical to the success of your initiative and how to ensure you make the right decision.
Successfully Implement CRM Learn from the best practices we have developed through years of experience and research to ensure your CRM implementation is a success.

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