Using Content Marketing to Generate Leads

Today in B2B sales, content is the new marketing currency.  Early and middle stage buyers want to be educated, not sold.  This education comes in the form of content and there is no substitute.  For your content to be effective (attract buyers) it must be relevant to the problem they are trying to solve.  Your content can come in a variety of compelling formats, including:


How Buyers Find Your Content

Having great content will feed demand for your products and services.  Driving prospects to your content is critical to attracting buyers.  The advent of the Internet has changed how buyers locate your content.  Internet-based content is served up using three general mechanisms.

  • Performing online searches are by far the primary means in which B2B buyers locate the information they seek.
  • The second means is to have it delivered to them through what shows up in their in box or in RSS feeds they have subscribed to.  This is a less precise method, but one that often leads to discovery of solutions they weren't aware of.
  • Finally, social media delivers content to particular portals, such as LinkedIn, based upon a trusted network of associates and groups they have associated themselves with.

How to Attract Visitors

There are two principle factors that influence whether the potential buyer will be directed down the grey track or the green track as shown in the following diagram.

  1. Relevant - The content we create for our clients is designed to be highly relevant to typical problems their products and services address.  It also must be attractive enough to cause a buyers with short attention spans to stop in and look.
  2. Visible - We work with our clients to ensure that their content can be found by the right buyers.  We accomplish this by creative Search Engine Marketing to ensure our client's content is highly ranked, by creative email design to ensure the emails are opened (and clicked through), and the judicious use of social networks to promote the content.

Turning Visitors into Leads

Getting someone interested in our content is the first win - getting to know who they are defines successful demand generation.  This gives us the ability to do everything else required to convert them into a sales-ready lead.  This topic is covered in detail under the Convert Visitors to Leads section.

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