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Advice and guidance related to sales and marketing alignment

Lead Nurturing Explained

After a buyer's name and email address have been collected, they are now a lead.  In the past, prospects who showed any interest in solutions offered were automatically kicked over to sales.  This resulted in a number of problems that traditionally faced sales and marketing organizations: Sales people became frustrated in the quality of leads  being passed over to them. Marketing became frustrated that sales did not follow through on sales lea ...   More »

Advice on Improving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Lead nurturing can do an outstanding job of providing meaningful touchpoints with prospects that move them along their buying cycle.  At some point they are going to be ready to talk to someone in sales to begin moving forward. Call on them too soon and you risk having them go to a lower pressure environment to get the information they need.  Call on them too late and they may have already engaged with someone else in a sales conversation and then it's an up ...   More »

Selecting the Right CRM System for Your Business

Investing in a CRM system is a major decision that carries long-term strategic implications for your organization. Although CRM should be treated as a business initiative, the underlying technology is a key enabler and largely determines how much effort will be required to implement the program, so it's important to select the CRM system that will best support your current and future business objectives and needs. Understand Your Objectives The first step ...   More »

Driving Sales Performance in the New Economy

Across industries, the bar for sales success is being raised. Clients are more informed than ever before and expect your salespeople to be able to deep dive into detailed product explanations as well think broadly and provide strategic guidance. They're engaging sales later in the buying cycle, fielding solutions from more vendors, and are increasingly unwilling to pay for the value- added services that help cover high sales costs. For your sales organization to ...   More »