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The Return on Increased Sales Productivity

Sales productivity has become a top priority for many companies as they look to streamline their sales force and drive greater revenues from the same or fewer resources. Companies recognize that well-trained, highly-qualified salespeople are difficult (and expensive) to attract and retain, and the more they can focus their salespeople's efforts on the high-value, core-selling activities that generate sales, the more they will be rewarded with greater revenues and a l ...   More »

3 Tips for Improving Sales Effectiveness

Organizations struggling with longer sales cycles, lower close rates, and higher employee turnover are looking to increased sales effectiveness to help resolve many of the core underlying issues that drive these unwanted results. The following represent the areas of improvement that we have found consistently deliver the greatest performance gains vs. required investment for our clients. Programs to improve each of these areas can typically be started with a minimum ...   More »

Using Business Intelligence to Improve Sales Leadership

Leading a sales organization without clear visibility into sales performance and operations is like walking through a room with the lights off - you may get to where you want to go, but it's going to be a slow and painful process. The following video illustrates the impact well-designed reports and dashboards can have on your sales leaders' ability to make effective decisions and and execute on them:   It's immediately apparent how the level of insigh ...   More »

Selecting the Right CRM System for Your Business

Investing in a CRM system is a major decision that carries long-term strategic implications for your organization. Although CRM should be treated as a business initiative, the underlying technology is a key enabler and largely determines how much effort will be required to implement the program, so it's important to select the CRM system that will best support your current and future business objectives and needs. Understand Your Objectives The first step ...   More »

Best Practices for Successfully Implementing CRM

A well implemented CRM solution can provide an organization with a robust platform for accelerating revenue growth, improving coordination across divisions, and significantly reducing cost of sales and service.  A poorly implemented solution can produce just the opposite by constraining people and dragging down their productivity and effectiveness.  So how do you ensure your CRM initiative is a success?  We've provided the following insig ...   More »

Best Practices for Improving the Profitability of Customer Relationships

Your existing client base is your most valuable asset, and if managed correctly, can be a source of profitable revenue growth for years to come. The key to building the kind of great relationships with your customers that inundate you with repeat business, cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, referrals, and enthusiastic references is trust - a difficult to attain, easy to lose quality built on a continuous series of valuable interactions with your company. There are ...   More »

Driving Sales Performance in the New Economy

Across industries, the bar for sales success is being raised. Clients are more informed than ever before and expect your salespeople to be able to deep dive into detailed product explanations as well think broadly and provide strategic guidance. They're engaging sales later in the buying cycle, fielding solutions from more vendors, and are increasingly unwilling to pay for the value- added services that help cover high sales costs. For your sales organization to ...   More »