There are many ways to solve a problem, but few will deliver the results you need.  Leverage our BSA expertise to help you:

Business Systems Assessment

Effective solutions are built on foundations of understanding. At Technoligence we recognize the importance of this concept and have developed and incorporated proprietary methodologies into our Business Systems Assessment (BSA) service to ensure that we truly understand the objectives, vision, critical success factors, constraints, key stakeholders, and most importantly, the underlying business-needs of your technology project. Our BSA is designed to answer key questions such as:
  • Will an off-the-shelf solution work?
  • What technology investments are needed?
  • How will the solution integrate with my current operations and systems?
  • What are the solution costs, implementation timelines and risks?
  • What are my expected ROI and estimated timetable for fully realizing my benefits?

As part of our BSA process we first hold input sessions with the business leaders and project sponsors. We then form a project team consisting of at least one representative from each functional area that will be impacted by the project, including intended users for internal applications or sites.


At key points in the process, we also expand project teams with appropriate client representatives from additional functional areas. This means we’re able to more effectively and efficiently build consensus among constituencies, harmonize all of the technical and business requirements, and maximize the use of your employees' time.

We then develop an implementation plan that clearly articulates the detailed steps necessary to incorporate the project into your current IT infrastructure. In our plan, we directly address the needs of senior executives, IS managers, sales and marketing professionals, department managers, and other key stakeholders within the client organization.


The results of our BSA service will provide you with a firm estimate of the overall costs and timing of the project as well as an analysis of the impact, risks, and where safety is a consideration, the hazards. This means that for a relatively small investment and commitment level you will have an objective breakdown to help you prioritize the project against your other strategic initiatives and determine whether to move forward.